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We have a state-of-the-art security system that protects your debit card. Unfortunately, your travel can show up as “unusual behavior” and a transaction may be declined.  The fix is easy!  Before you travel, simply fill out this form and send it to* or give us a call at (734) 641-8400. Letting us know where you’ll be, will ensure your card is active during your trip.

Did you know...
Starting 03/16/2018, same-day credits and debits may post to your account the same day they are initiated, due to regulation changes. For more information on how this might effect you, click here.

Were you contacted by our new automated assistant? For more information, click here!

Member Service Representatives 

Main Number

(734) 641-8400 (option 2)


(734) 641-6320 

Toll-Free Number (888) 921-7728

*Please do not email any confidential info such as account number and pin.


To Report Lost or Stolen Card

Regular Business Hours

(734) 641-8400 (Option 5)

After Business Hours (888) 241-2510
Visa® Direct Line (24/7) (800) 558-3424
Activation (800) 466-0040


Telephone Banking

Main Number (734) 641-8400 (option 1)
Direct Line (734) 467-7728


Fax Numbers

Lending Office (734)-727-0626
Member Service (734) 727-0626
Romulus Branch (734) 641-8470
Cadillac Center Branch (313) 871-0148
Millender Center Branch (313) 967-9526
Redford Branch (313) 242-5008
Wire Transfer Request (734) 641-6344
Account Verifications (734) 727-0628
Administration Office (734)-641-8480


Routing / ABA Number