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Personal Loans & Michigan Mortgage Rates

Public Service Credit Union offers different kinds of personal loans and we also provide you with rates like Michigan mortgage rates for your records. There are many difference scenarios where we need too have access to money sooner rather than later. Some instances require quick loans that do not come with a drawn-out process at the bank. Unfortunately, this causes many individuals to turn to payday loans, not realizing how high the rates are.




Here at Public Service Credit Union, we offer personal loans to help you out of your financial crisis at much more affordable rates.

Not sure what a personal loan is and why you need it?

What is a Personal Loan?

It’s quite simple. A personal loan is like a payday cash advance, it is based on your credit history and your ability to repay the loan back. The cash advance is repaid across a set term with interest. Since one size does not fit all, we provide personal loans and Detroit home mortgage catered to your unique circumstances. We will review all your personal information and determine which option is right for you.


Public Service Credit Union understands that sometimes we are not able to wait until next payday for unexpected circumstances. We know that sometimes quick loans are the only option available. There are many reasons people might seek a personal loan:


·         Emergency medical bills

·         Car accident or immediate auto repair

·         A household appliance has stopped working

·         Home repairs, such as roof damage or structural damage

·         Creating a new emergency fund

·         Starting a new investment


Another common reason people seek personal loans is to consolidate their current debt. By consolidating your debt, you are only paying one low monthly fee versus several online loans with different fees. This helps you save money over the long run. 

For your protection, all loan applications are encrypted and secured.

Prime Line / Revolving Line of Credit

For even more flexibility, consider setting up a line of credit. A revolving line of credit offers an always available amount of funds for an undermined amount of time. It is paid back periodically.

Using PSCU’s Prime Line and Revolving Line of Credit, you can pay for a last-minute vacation, unexpected bills, or an occasional splurge.

Once you have decided how receiving a personal loan can benefit you, let’s discuss how you can apply for a personal loan with Public Service Credit Union. 

The Benefits of Applying for a PSCU Personal Loan


Public Service Credit Union takes the guess work out of applying for a personal loan.

      ·         A simple application process

·         A fixed rate, generally much lower than credit card rates

·         No collateral or equity needed

Our mission is to ensure the financial needs of our members are taken care of. In fact, because we are a credit union and not a traditional bank, we can offer you lower personal loan rates because we do not have to pay federal or state taxes. The interest that you pay goes right back into our organization to make better products for you as a member. 

As your local credit union for personal loans in Michigan, you can stop by and visit us anytime to begin the loan process. If you are not able to come down to our office and fill out a loan application, you have the option to apply online for personal loan. This means that you can get started any time or any day that it is most convenient to you.

Easy Ways to Apply

Applying for a personal loan should never be a difficult process. You can apply for a loan in a couple of different ways:


Applying online. It does not take longer than 10-15 minutes to apply online. Simply click the Apply Now button, fill out your information, and then click Submit.

 If you are not yet a member of Public Service Credit Union, we can sign you up today. You can become a part owner of a trusted financial institution. All you need is just $25 to set up your first account. We make it really easy for you to join our family!

 If you are already a member, just log in and take full advantage of our secure next generation lending system.For your protection, all loan applications are encrypted and secured giving you that peace of mind your information is safe.


 Applying in person.When looking for personal loans in Michigan, you do not have to look any further. Come on down to one of our convenient locations and meet with your personal loan associate. They will hold your hand and guide you through the stress-free, simple application process. Stop by one of our locations in Michigan today.

Contact Public Service Credit Union

At Public Service Credit Union, our members have nothing but great things to say about us. We are focused on your needs, not our own. We are proud to treat you just like our own family! 

With Public Service Credit Union, you can be sure we are providing you the lowest personal loan rates available and the best service at lightning speed both day or night. 


Click below to apply online for a personal loan or a line of credit loan today and relieve the stress of tomorrow.