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You can use the equity in your home to finance big expenses! Ask a member service representative how.


 Have you gotten with a PSCU geek yet? We will walk you through your credit report, your account, or even just discuss your financial goals with you! Members AND non members! Oh yeah, and did I mention it was free?????!!!!



Now members can use the extra cash for a special purchase, take a healthy chunk out of debt, or just enjoy the peace of mind of a month without bills! Call a PSCU rep at 734-641-8400 option 2 or come into any branch to enroll!

·         Skip your monthly loan payment(s) for one month each year, for a small fee of just $25 each. 

·          Loan must be in good standing (not overdue) and have made 5 previous timely payments

·         15 day notice required for any payment to be skipped

·         Finance/interest charges continue to accrue during the month skipped

·         Loan's payoff date will be one month later than the original term to which you agreed

Loans ineligible for Skip-A-Pay: Home Equity Line of Credit, Mortgages, TDRs, Bankruptcy Loans, Disability Claimed Loans, Commercial Loans, Balloon Payment Loans and loans that have recurring ACH/online payments.


PSCU continually has the best auto loan rates out there with the best terms! To begin the application and find out more details, just click here!


Featured Rate

  • Auto loan 2.99% apr*
  • Additional Rates
  • *The loan rate above is the lowest rate given at PSCU